Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We Wish You a Vintage Christmas!

An old-fashioned Christmas is the best celebration of the holidays for me...bubble lights on a real tree, a nativity set in a wooden creche, midnight mass, hot cocoa and an all-night gift wrapping session and, of course, caroling on a wind chilled night (even in Florida!) followed by a hot toddy to warm your bones! These are the memories I love and the traditions I try to I keep! Sometimes we get so involved in the shopping and social obligations, it's over before we've realized and the anti-climatic feeling of should have's and could have's will overwhelm even the most organized!

This year, my family is dealing with the tough economy and fighting hard just to stay afloat. And I have repeated this mantra to my three daughters, now mothers: "Your children will remember happy times and traditions long after the toys have been broken and discarded! Christmas is about family and love." Tough concepts to grasp for younger generations brought up in the age of entitlement and horn of plenty! But this year when my grandchildren unwrap handmade gifts from "Grammy" and not a single factory-made shiny toy, I'm confident their eyes will light up just as bright as my traditional tree! After all, they loved their handmade birthday gifts!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's time for the 12 Days of Christmas~Where Women Create Style!

I love WWC! This team of women are an inspiration to me, so it's a pleasure to pay forward their holiday giveaway, which starts today: The 12 Days of Christmas! Twelve days of terrific prizes and holiday stories of handmade gifts and traditions that will inspire and remind you of your own memories you've tucked away...Don't miss a single day!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday Sale!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Take the Daze Out of Holidays

It happens every year.
We all feel it, the impending Holiday Season pressure. And we all set high goals and expectations for being ready early this time. 

Yeah, right! Keep dreaming.

So how to stop the dread from creeping into your happy holiday place? Aside from boarding up the windows of your favorite shops, beating up the mailman for bringing you catalogs and turning off your internet, it's hard to fend off the assault of "Buy me, I'm the perfect gift!"

So what do we do? First, sit back and RELAX.

Think about the holidays from a different perspective. Not about the presents. But the presence of mind and heart. The pleasures of the holidays: the smell of winter spices, savory and sweet, the people you love and actually want to see at this time of year, the beauty of twinkling lights and the chill in the air. 

The obligatory family gatherings and company parties can make some people wish they were Ebeneezer Scrooge before his epiphany. But why? Because we can't say NO. We do it to ourselves by setting ourselves up to fail. Taking on more than we can handle, saying yes, when we know it's going to put us under. The pressure to please everyone on our 'list' is the nemesis of a truly Happy Holiday.

We must force ourselves to make a new list. The first ones on this list should be your immediate family: spouse, children, you, period. Yes, it's hard, but so is the economy. People will understand. They might even be relieved. If you absolutely must include a few others, think intimately, near and dear to your heart. Not, well- I really should get something for so and so... Now think handmade. Think creatively. What do you do well? It doesn't have to be something you make. How about something you're good at? How about bartering with someone who is creative and needs your services? What about the age old idea of thoughtfulness... Forget about the gift cards. Make your own gift card or something you can put your heart into. The possibilities are endless, if you slow down long enough to think about them. How many of us have looked back on the holidays after the rush is over, only to think: Oh, why didn't I get her/him this or that? Or wow, what was I thinking, I should have done...?

If we really dwindle our list down to those who are nearest and dearest, then you should actually know them very well. You just have to think about it while relaxing and imagining it. Not running around the mall, a big box store or sitting in traffic counting off all the things you haven't done yet. Just a little thoughtful time can save hours of aggravation, impulsively spent money and your sanity. 

Take charge of your holidays, don't let them overrun you. Know when it's time to say No, take a breather, treat yourself to a hot chocolate (or a toddy!), a bubble bath or a walk with a loved one. Clear your mind of the daze of confusion and make these days fun, happy and memorable.

Friday, October 29, 2010

This Ain't Mayberry, Aunt BEE!

'This Ain't Mayberry, Aunt BEE!' by collagical

Think Mad Men not Mayberry! Vintage doesn't mean frumpy, dated or old...Today it means eco-chic, trendy, sexy and Etsy!

White Satin Rose Print ...

1950's Peach and Bl...

50's Vintage Rhines...

Vintage 50s Rockabilly ...

Vintage 1950s Golden Pr...

Vintage Double Strand o...

Vintage 1950's Crea...

Vintage Pink Lace Slip

Rare Vintage DEITSCH Br...

1950's Golden Seafo...

Vintage Jacqueline Desi...

50s 60s vintage cream k...

Sabrina vintage silk co...

1950s lucite and rhines...

Vintage romantic soft g...

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Monday, October 25, 2010

One 'Fine' DaY at a Sidewalk ArT Fair

'One 'Fine' DaY at a Sidewalk ArT Fair' by collagical

Stroll the city sidewalks and enjoy the Fine Art of Florida Etsy Street Team, then stop and get an outdoor table at your favorite cafe and enjoy a Cafecito!

Burano Shops

Cafecito and Lime ACEO ...

NYC Statue Of Liberty S...

Frida Kahlo Poppies Art...

20070802 colorful unfra...

The Discovery of a Ligh...

Mr. Newman's Last G...

Shine - 8x8 Metallic Fi...


Breakfast of Champions ...

The Beauty Between- Fin...

Hello Crow with pink an...

When the Kids are Old E...

Fall Trees Fine Art Pri...

Flower fantasy I, mixed...

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