Monday, August 30, 2010

Etsy...Everything Wonderful in Life

I love the new Facebook group, Etsy...Everything Wonderful in Life! Created by Kathy Smugala Zeis, this fast growing group of Etsy artisans has 98 members in just a few days! Already, I have been featured in four treasuries curated by fellow members, talk about feeling loved! I can't wait to put one together myself to say thank you to my newfound friends...Here is a look at their recent treasuries:

Young At Heart

 Earthy Beauty

Land, Sea and Sky

Pretty in Pink
Treasuries are one of the sweetest ways to support your fellow Etsy artisans and for me it is a great way to express myself as well! It's like creating a composition or work of art! There are lots of tutorials or how-to's on Etsy and some great tips for sharing your treasures, so start curating today and spread the love. 
And, P.S., Thank you, storibookvintage, NiteOwlStudios, artsyclay and jbirdsgarden for the LOOOOOOVE!!

Friday, August 27, 2010


One last look back at sunlit summer days...and butterflies danced across my imagination!
I just couldn't believe all the choices there were when I searched for butterfly treasures on Etsy. So bountiful, beautiful butterflies basking in buttery sunlit colors is today's theme...
Float like a butterfly through this lovely collection and feel free to click!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


According to the dictionary, NonpareiL means unparalled, close to perfection or a confection! So here are some perfect confections served up for today's treasury: NonpareiL! 

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today's Treasury is all about COLOR! and dedicated to my daughter, Cayla...She suggested the theme, so I hope this brightens her day and yours! Sometimes it just blows my mind what imaginative creations Etsy sellers can come up with. Just check out QuietMischief's School Colors Duct Tape Rings! Too cool! And who knew Swiss Chard came in all these colors? Not me, I didn't even know anyone was selling organic seeds on Etsy. But then, they say you can find just about anything on Etsy! The other day on their Facebook page, Etsy challenged us to find "Etsywhacks"! A search that produces only one result...not easy, I'll tell you. But I found one! Zebra Piddle! Go figure...Anyway, I know you'll love this CoLoRFuL treasury, and who knows, maybe there's a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow of colors!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


With over 150 million games sold worldwide, Scrabble is a legend in the board game genre! Found in 1 out of 3 American homes, sold in 121 countries, it has become a game night tradition for countless families. It is no wonder that so many artists and crafters have found a use for sets with missing tiles, or older sets that have been replaced with newer or more deluxe versions. And thank goodness, since anything we can keep from ending up in our overfilled dumps is one more thing we can do to save our planet! Upcycling scrabble tiles has truly become a trendy style in the arts and craft world, and my latest collection shows some of the most clever of all. Etsy sellers are always looking for a way to shine among so many talented individuals, the competition is fierce but friendly! So it is in such good spirit that we share those wonderful finds with each other and our buyers in collections under the heading: Treasury. Carefully chosen with either a theme or color scheme, they are not only a reflection of the creators of the items, but the curator as well. Since collages are my favorite media, I approach the process as if I am composing a collage. So here is my latest 'work of art'!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My latest listing in my Etsy shop is the first of many in the new section of Collagical: Magazines. I really wanted to list these particular mags under 'Ephemera' because to me that would be my first thought and use of them. I love collaging, so I'm always looking for images to use, and some magazines are just perfect for upcycling. Dolls magazine were intended for collectors but the beautiful doll images are terrific finds for paper artists! The heavy, glossy paper stock is great quality in this publication, so cutting out the images for use is easy. Jewelry made with images can be a great use for these pics too. Adhere them to scrabble tiles, pieces of baked clay, or under glass slides. There are sometimes period dolls, movie star and celebrity images and lots of children. All perfect for these applications. I'll be selling some of my large collection, but, sorry not all! I'll have to keep some for my projects!

Lot of 3 Mags:  $9.00

Monday, August 16, 2010

Treasured Treasuries!

Since I just started my blog, I hated that some of my favorite past treasuries wouldn't be seen here. So here is a photo gallery of a few that will link to each one:


Sunday, August 15, 2010


Wikipedia defines upcycling as the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value. In the arts and craft community, it is to create a work of art or product with new form or function. A fantastic trend for the health of our planet and the economy! I can't pass up a thrift shop, flea market or yard sale for fear of missing out on a treasure trove of items I can add to my bulging studio. Which is exactly why it is bulging! 

So on this cozy Sunday morning with coffee and Etsy, I decided to call my latest treasury: Upcycle.
And something about the colors pink and peach always create a nostalgic feeling for all things grandmotherly for me, hence the color scheme I've chosen. I hope you enjoy these treasures as much as I did finding them!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Here We Blog Again!

Just set up a new blog for Collagical! As if I needed something more to do...But since I love to talk, and always have something to say, it should be okay! Here is where I can write about new ideas, recycled craft projects, keep you posted about my Etsy shop and feature some of my favorite artists and crafters. Hope you will follow me on my newest adventure!


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