Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We Wish You a Vintage Christmas!

An old-fashioned Christmas is the best celebration of the holidays for me...bubble lights on a real tree, a nativity set in a wooden creche, midnight mass, hot cocoa and an all-night gift wrapping session and, of course, caroling on a wind chilled night (even in Florida!) followed by a hot toddy to warm your bones! These are the memories I love and the traditions I try to I keep! Sometimes we get so involved in the shopping and social obligations, it's over before we've realized and the anti-climatic feeling of should have's and could have's will overwhelm even the most organized!

This year, my family is dealing with the tough economy and fighting hard just to stay afloat. And I have repeated this mantra to my three daughters, now mothers: "Your children will remember happy times and traditions long after the toys have been broken and discarded! Christmas is about family and love." Tough concepts to grasp for younger generations brought up in the age of entitlement and horn of plenty! But this year when my grandchildren unwrap handmade gifts from "Grammy" and not a single factory-made shiny toy, I'm confident their eyes will light up just as bright as my traditional tree! After all, they loved their handmade birthday gifts!

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