Monday, August 30, 2010

Etsy...Everything Wonderful in Life

I love the new Facebook group, Etsy...Everything Wonderful in Life! Created by Kathy Smugala Zeis, this fast growing group of Etsy artisans has 98 members in just a few days! Already, I have been featured in four treasuries curated by fellow members, talk about feeling loved! I can't wait to put one together myself to say thank you to my newfound friends...Here is a look at their recent treasuries:

Young At Heart

 Earthy Beauty

Land, Sea and Sky

Pretty in Pink
Treasuries are one of the sweetest ways to support your fellow Etsy artisans and for me it is a great way to express myself as well! It's like creating a composition or work of art! There are lots of tutorials or how-to's on Etsy and some great tips for sharing your treasures, so start curating today and spread the love. 
And, P.S., Thank you, storibookvintage, NiteOwlStudios, artsyclay and jbirdsgarden for the LOOOOOOVE!!

1 comment:

  1. I am Featured in the Young at heart and isn't it just wonderful!! I love them all! :)



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