Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wouldja Wanna Ouija...

Wouldja Wanna Ouija Board? I did!

just like the one i found!
I was thrilled when I came across one today on my Thrifty Thursday trek! No, I don't believe in them, but the artwork is awesome! The box gave no indication that the board inside would be in such great shape, not an antique board, but definitely a classic no matter what!

Of course, curiosity always gets this Cat going, so off I went to Google: and, Lo and behold, what to my mystified eyes did appear? THE MUSEUM OF TALKING BOARDS! Who would have thought you could visit a virtual museum for Ouija boards...fascinating trivia, a gallery of boards from 1891 until the present, FAQ's (had any burning questions about Ouija boards, lately?), history, scientific theories and, of course, spooky stories! One of my favorite things was a feature on the main page: you move a planchette around with your cursor! 

You absolutely have to pay a visit for yourself, it is well worth your time and I won't be "board"! 

Check out some of my other "mystifying" finds:

Happy Thrifty Thursday,


  1. To me these are always a bit frightening but...I will have to check the museum :D

  2. Fab! What, you don't believe in the power of WeeGee? But a million little girls' sleepovers are the proof.



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