Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Inspiration Sensations!

Happy New Year to All! I couldn't wait for a fresh start and new opportunities to create more crafts that say, "ME"! So I've been jumping on articles that offer inspiration...

Two favorites that came across my path were from two of my favorite blogs I follow:

Scoutie Girl and Blacksburg Belle...

Welcome to the Machine by lovercraft
Each had a different tack on Creativity- from SG, ways to battle the demons of creative suppression and from BB some inspiration boosts. I loved them both and have in particular taken one suggestion immediately and I started an 'Inspiration File' for all these wonderful words of wisdom to be gathered for days when I can't get my spark to ignite!

Check out these articles for a kick start to an Inspiring New Year!

12 Fantastic Ways to Bring More Creativity into Your Life by Blacksburg Belle

fearless creativity by Scoutie Girl

1 comment:

  1. Great articles Cat! Thanks for sharing the inspiration! Love that "Imagine" license plate collage.....



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